Pop Locks Hair Extensions

Now featuring our genius weft.

The luxurious hair you’ve been dreaming of is available for you today. Available in over 35 shades and from 12”-22” in length


More affordable option with hair lasting 1-1.5 yearsMost luxurious option with hair lasting up to 2 years
Comes in packs of 25g (10 strands) for un-matched color customizationWeft available in 50g packaging.
Genius Weft available in 40g packaging.
35 color options to choose from15 solid & dimensional shades to chose from or can be custom-colored
6-8 week maintenance7-10 week maintenance
ideal for medium to course hair texturesIdeal for all hair textures
Pop Locks Extensions are a tape-in extension line

Our Story

Created by Our Salon Owner, Gianna

As an extension specialist who worked with many different methods, Gianna saw the need for a high-end extension line that was easily accessible to clients looking for added length and volume. After 2 years of perfecting her line, Gianna launched Pop Locks hair extensions in February of 2020 and the brand has seen massive success since then.

The Gallery’s clients love that they can shop for their extensions with the help of their stylist to get color-matched and leave with their dream hair that day. Our hair is high- quality, long-lasting, ethically sourced, reasonably priced and best of all, available without any wait-time.

Ultra-Natural Look

Our hair extensions are made of 100% human cuticle Remy hair. This means that the hair is laid in the extensions exactly the way it’s taken from the head, from top to bottom. This creates a natural hair look where the thickest part of the hair strand is at the top and the thinnest is at the bottom. All Pop Locks have a soft natural wave and can be easily styled (or not if you prefer to air-dry!)

Same-Day Installation

Our hair extensions are available exclusively at The Gallery. On the day of your appointment, your stylist will help you select your extensions and install them the same day. You’ll walk out with your dream hair.

Ethically Sourced

Feel good about the source of your hair. Pop Locks is a responsible brand. Our hair is legally and ethically donated.

Wide Selection

Choose the color and length you need with your Artists guidance. The Gallery carries over 35 different shades and 6 different lengths of Pop Locks tape in extensions.


Enjoy your hair longer. Pop Locks extensions can last up to two years if they are properly maintained and treated.

Competitively Priced

Appreciate the value of luxury hair without the high price. We’ve made Pop Locks available to you at a lower price point than any competitors with the same quality.

Extension Care

Pop Locks tape-in hair extensions

Use a detangling brush on your extensions before & after bed and throughout the day as needed.

DO NOT use sunscreen containing the ingredient Avobenzone. It will turn your extensions orange!

You must receive maintenance by a salon professional on your extensions every 5-9 weeks.

We recommend professional grade, sulfate free products. Only use the products recommended by your salon professional.

The more sun, salt water & chlorine you can avoid, the longer your extensions will last.

Avoid hot tools close to the extension bond.

Our extensions are made from 100% human hair.

They therefore may differ slightly in texture and density. Extensions are a luxury service that require in-salon and at-home maintenance. Your extensions will give back what you put in! If you follow your Artists instructions, use only the recommended professional products and ensure you always keep your extension maintenance appointments, your extensions can last up to two years.

We believe everyone should feel obsessed with their hair. Our in-salon Pop Locks extensions are available in over 35 shades and 6 different lengths. Pop Locks are non-refundable once the package has been opened.